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Elevate your football journey with ScorePro – the ultimate score tracking App! ScorePro redefines football match management by empowering parents, coaches, players, referees, clubs, and officials to effortlessly create and manage teams, players and matches. What more, your friends and family can follow your journey too. Whether you're a fan, coach, player, or involved in the administration of the game, ScorePro is your go-to companion for your football journey.

Manage Teams and Players
Create and Run Matches
Real-time Goal Tracking
Shared Game Experience
Follow Your Team

Why use ScorePro App?

Football Team and Coaches:

Streamline Team Management: Create, organize, and manage teams effortlessly.

Player Tracking:
Keep records of player information, positions, and performance.

Match Management:
Schedule matches, assign lineups, and monitor match progress.

Real Time Scores:
Share your team with Parents and Scouts to receive live match score and goals notifications

Detailed Stats:
Track player goals, assists and fouls for performance analysis.

Stay Connected:

Follow your child's team and receive real-time score updates.

Celebrate Achievements:
Cheer for your child's goals and accomplishments from anywhere.

Match Reminders:
Get notifications for upcoming matches to never miss a game.

Share the Excitement:
Share match scores and achievements with friends and family.

Re-live Memories:
Look back at your childs football stats over the year.

Efficient Match Management:

Manage match details, timekeeping, and fouls with ease.

Accurate Records:
Keep accurate records of match scores and red/yellow card decisions.

Pause and Resume Timer:
Manage Game Time - Pause and Resume Timer.

Time Efficiency:
Minimize paperwork and streamline the officiating process.

Accessible Information:
Easily access team and player data during matches.

Performance Tracking:

Monitor player stats, goals, assists, and achievements.

Team Communication:

Stay informed about match schedules, lineups, and historic scores.

Celebrate Success:

Share your match scores with your friends and family.

Stay Motivated:

Visualise progress and areas for improvement through data.

Engage with Fans:

Let your family, friends, and supporters follow your team.

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